Drone mapping services Ordnance Survey

June 12, 2019

Terra Drone wins contract to provide drone mapping services to Ordnance survey

Terra Drone Europe has secured a framework agreement to provide drone mapping services to Ordnance Survey, the national mapping agency of Great Britain. Under the scope of this contract, Terra Drone Europe will provide different types of drone services to Ordnance Survey. The deliverables will include orthomosaics, digital terrain models (DTM) and digital surface models.

Terra Drone Europe has already received over 500 survey locations to survey and will use a range of fixed wing and multirotor UAVs to carry out the surveys. To support the data collection over the entire Great Britain Terra Drone Europe has chosen RUAS as its support to ensure full coverage of Great Britain and consistent deployment of teams throughout Great Britain.

Patrick Rickerby, Technical Director, Terra Drone Europe, said, “This framework shows how Ordnance Survey is using new and innovative techniques to create the most accurate maps of Great Britain. We are glad they have chosen us based on our quality and track record in this field.”

Ordnance Survey is extending its vast data gathering capabilities with the addition of dedicated UAV services. This framework agreement will increase Ordnance Survey’s ability to offer accurate and timely data to businesses and enterprises even more.

About Ordnance Survey

Ordnance Survey are the national mapping agency for Great Britain and is responsible for generating and updating mapping. To do this, Ordnance Survey employs over 300 ground surveyors, owns two permanent aircraft as well as other aerial imagery providers and many more contracts which provide mapping and digitising services. All these activities serve to create the most accurate and up to date maps of Great Britain which is essential to many businesses and services.

About RUAS

RUAS are a professional drone services company and training provider based in South Wales. Since they entered the commercial market in 2011 their name has been synonymous with the highest quality and standard of UAV piloting and training. They operate fixed wing and multi-rotor aircraft and have operational teams around the country.  More recently the company have moved in to providing counter drone support on high risk areas such as airports.