We specialize in advanced inspection solutions for the petrochemical and electric power industries, offering a suite of services that encompass hardware and software development. Our inspections of tanks, boilers, and various infrastructure facilities are elevated by the deployment of our proprietary UT drones, ensuring accuracy and comprehensive coverage.


Oil & Gas


Utilities & Power Generation

Offshore & Vessels

Renewable Energy


Thickness Measurement with Ultrasonic Non-destructive Testing (NDT)

Measure the thickness of tanks and boilers utilizing our own ultrasonic NDT drone, Terra UT.

Visual and Thermal Inspections

Execute full non-entry visual and thermal inspections with collision proof drones.

3D model

Create a 3D model of facilities using photogrammetry and 3D laser scanning technologies, and manage the inspection data within the 3D model.

Deformation Analysis

Compliance measurements and calculations based on the international standards such as EEMUA-159 or API-653.

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Facilities Adapted to Our Services

Full Storage Tank

The conduction of full inspections in accordance with international standards is the duty of certified inspectors.
These inspections encompass ultrasonic NDT, visual inspections, and deformation analysis, with documented findings in an inspection report.

FPSO Inspection 

Floating Production, Storage, and Offloading (FPSO) vessels, essential in oil production, feature tanks of 20 to 50 meters in height. Our service entails tank inspections conducted by drones. All inspections, exclusively done by drones, employ visual and ultrasonic methods. Drones ensure safety and efficiency.

Flare Stack Inspection

Using our multirotor drone equipped with high-resolution RGB and thermal cameras, we inspect multiple flare stacks in a more efficient, speedy, and secure manner than traditional visual inspection methods. The camera analyzes the performance and function of the flare stack, precisely detecting temperature anomalies.

Powerline Inspection

The inspection of a tower or a pole is made easy with our drone, which is equipped with a high performance zoom camera. This advanced technology provides detailed situational understanding with captured images of tower equipment like insulators, spacers, cables and other objects.
We also offer fully autonomous inspections of insulators with AI.


Terra UT(drone)

Terra UT is a proprietary drone that performs ultrasonic thickness measurements on storage tanks, chimneys, boilers and vessels. It’s also useful for inspecting corroded conditions. The technology has been patented in the US and Europe.

Terra 3D Inspect

Terra 3D Inspect is a comprehensive cloud-based platform that securely stores all forms of industrial inspection data, including high-resolution photos, videos, 3D point clouds and meshes, UT measurements, and other data. 
Moreover, it simplifies the process of creating sophisticated drone inspection reports.

There are many other products available for inspection. For more information, feel free to reach out to us.