UAS Traffic Management

We are at the forefront of developing Unmanned Aircraft System Traffic Management (UTM) systems,dedicated to enhancing the safety of drone and Urban Air Mobility (UAM) flights.
As industry leaders, our reach extends worldwide, offering our advanced UTM system.
Furthermore, we actively engage in ongoing research and development initiatives to ensure the secure operation of next-generation air mobility vehicles, including drones and UAM.

What we do

Unmanned Aircraft System Traffic Management (UTM) is a crucial digital infrastructure for airspace optimization and aviation market growth. UTM offers a comprehensive traffic management system designed to oversee unmanned aircraft movements, enhance safety by preventing collisions, and optimize operational efficiency. It promotes collaboration among various industry stakeholders, such as drone manufacturers, Urban Air Mobility (UAM) providers, drone delivery services, drone service providers, and counter-drone systems.

Integrated UTM System for
Efficient Airspace Management

It utilizes pre-flight flight plans and real-time location data to facilitate the secure operation of drones and air mobility vehicles within shared airspace.

Why is it necessary?

In recent years, drones have received significant attention across various societal sectors, including logistics, security, disaster response, and traffic optimization. Moreover, there has been a steady rise in the annual proliferation of drones. Key regulatory bodies, such as the European Commission, EASA, and the FAA, are actively engaged in formulating and implementing regulations to facilitate the seamless integration of UTM systems within the existing aviation framework. What is imperative is the development of a collaborative system that fosters the harmonious coexistence of drones and traditional aircraft within the shared airspace.

Paving the Way for the Future of the sky

In an ever-evolving society where a diverse array of aircraft traverse the skies, we are dedicated to fostering the growth of the drone/UAM industry while ensuring a safe and efficient ecosystem. Our vision extends to the mid- to long-term, where we aspire to create an environment that not only accommodates drones but also unlocks the potential of next-generation air mobility, offering newfound freedom in the sky. The future is here, and it’s the world we want to create—a world where innovation reigns and drone/UAM takes flight.


Group Companies



Unifly, headquartered in Belgium, stands as a worldwide leader in UTM, with a substantial market share and a proven history of successfully deploying UTM platforms on a national scale across more than eight countries. The Unifly platform seamlessly facilitates the integration of drones into airspace, earning the confidence of national Air Navigation Service Providers in countries including Canada, Germany, Spain, and Belgium. Unifly’s UTM system is built to fully adhere to various regulatory frameworks, guaranteeing the safe coexistence of drones and manned aircraft in real-world Air Traffic Management situations.

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Years active in the UTM/Drone Sector


National commercial UTM deployments worldwide


Drone operators using Unifly platform


Validated flights using Web & Mobile Apps


Granted Authorization Requests


R&D projects worldwide

Case Study


Country: Canada

In 2019, NAV CANADA, a major Air Navigation Service Provider (ANSP) in Canada, partnered with Unifly to elevate the country’s drone industry. Through this collaboration, Unifly’s UTM was successfully implemented, resulting in streamlined flight approvals, heightened operational efficiency, and a remarkable increase in autonomous flight approvals. This cutting-edge solution not only enhanced operator efficiency but also significantly reduced operational costs. NAV CANADA, overseeing the second-largest airspace traffic volume globally, recognized the importance of a comprehensive solution to digitize drone flight approvals, leading to groundbreaking results that benefit air traffic controllers and drone operators, marking a significant leap forward in Canadian drone operations.

Case Study

Port of Antwerp-Bruges

Country: Belgium

The Port of Antwerp-Bruges serves as a critical hub in worldwide trade and industry, boasting an overall throughput of 271 million tonnes per year. Unifly provides an UTM system that enhances the efficiency of drone operations within the complex airspace of the port and supports the expanded utilization of drone technology. This development marks a crucial step forward in preparing the PoAB airspace for U-space readiness.


Aloft, based in the U.S., is an FAA-approved UAS Service Supplier (USS) for LAANC, streamlining the authorization process for both recreational and commercial airspace. Serving diverse enterprise and government customers, our industry-leading platform provides innovative UTM and fleet management services for uncrewed aircraft systems worldwide. Leveraging state-of-the-art technologies and sophisticated data services, Aloft strives to enhance the safety and efficiency of drone operations, facilitating seamless integration into the National Airspace System.

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market share of all drone airspace
authorizations in the U.S.


LAANC airspace authorizations
on the Aloft platform

4M+ flights

all time on Aloft platform

Terra Drone track records in Japan

Terra Drone has joined the Public-Private Council for the Air Mobility Revolution with a commitment to contributing to the development of UATM* for the social implementation of UAM.

UATM is a concept to manage AAM operations as defined in the Japanese version of AAM ConOps published by JCAB(Japan Civil Aviation Bureau).

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Osaka Prefectural Government Publicly Offered Project: Terra Drone’s Report on the Joint Demonstration of Drones and Helicopters for UAM, constructing ‘Roads in the Sky.’

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The first-ever drone food delivery experiment in Tokyo, conducted by Terra Drone in a populated area at Waters Takeshiba.

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