(dummy)Now is the time for all of Japan to rise once again.
Terra Group stands at the forefront, reviving the pride of the Japanese people

(dummy)Terra Group is a company founded with the premise of competing in the global market in fields of technology that Japan proudly excels in since its inception. By creating and leading in new markets, we will once again demonstrate that Japanese venture companies can excel on the global stage. Additionally, we aim to inspire Japanese society, especially the younger generation, to embrace the norm of competing globally, overcoming high hurdles, and daring to take on risks, thereby contributing to the creation of a society in Japan where these values are commonplace.

President and CEO:
Toru Tokushige

Company Profile


Terra Drone Corporation


3F, Totate International Building
2-12-19, Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan 150-0002
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February 2016


Toru Tokushige, Founder & CEO


555(Overseas Consolidated)



Luchthavenlei 7A, Antwerp, Belgium

Terra Drone Indonesia

    Jalan Letnan Jendral Suprapto No 160 A Blok A No 2-3 Cempaka Baru, Kemayoran, Jakarta Pusat 10640
    Regency Palace Complex 1 Block D Number 10, Husein Sastranegara Village, Kec. Cicendo, Bandung, West Java, 40174

Terra Inspectioneering

Voltaweg 11a 4382 NG, Vlissingen Nederland

Terra Drone Arabia

    Astrolabs, 3141 Anas Ibn Malik Rd, Al Malqa, Riyadh 13521, Saudi Arabia
    Adeer Tower, 2nd Floor, Startup Hub | Monsha’at,
    Prince Turkey Street, Alkurnaish, Al Khobar 34413, Saudi Arabia


Toru Tokushige

Terra Drone CEO / Unifly Director

Teppei Seki

Terra Drone Director / Terra Drone Agri Director / Terra Drone Indonesia Commissioner

Kota Kandori

Terra Drone Director /Terra Drone Indonesia Director / Terra Drone Arabia CEO / Terra Drone Agri Director

Andres Van Swalm

Unifly CEO

Michael W W Siagian

Terra Drone Indonesia CEO

Steven Verver

Terra Inspectioneering Director

Yuki Ueno

Terra Drone Executive Officer / Unifly Director / Aloft Director

Tsuyoshi Habuchi

Unifly CCO / Terra Drone Executive Officer

Wilson Ong

Terra Drone Agri Country Manager

Shunichi Shiozawa

Terra Drone Executive Officer (Technology)

Katsumi Goto

Terra Drone Executive Officer (Corporate)

Ryan Fadhilah Hadi

Terra Drone Arabia Country Manager