Supporting pesticide/fertilizer application and pest control using drones

Spraying(Pesticides・Fertilizers )/ Pest control

Terra Drone’s aerial solution for agriculture brings intelligence, cost savings and trunkey services to plantation owners. 
Using innovative technologies, we bring to you insights and efficiency to your plantation that has never been possible before. Our in-house consultant and pilots can help you with drainage planning, optimize fertilizers and pesticide spraying, tree plotting line and many other challenges that you might face.

10x more efficient
Spraying can be done about 10 times faster than manual labor

In-house designed drones
In-house designed precision drones and software for spraying

Controlled drone spraying
Save time and money by managing pesticide spraying operations over large tracts of land with our self-developed software

Additional Agricultural Sector Services Include:

  • Land survey and plant monitoring
  • Mapping and analysis of soil conditions
  • Monitoring weather conditions and rainfall