Drones for Construction & Engineering

Drones that can carry RGB & LiDAR sensors

Drone, if equipped with LiDAR sensor, can be used to provide a detailed & accurate topographic map which can be used for environmental impact analysis, cut & fill calculation, construction design, and many more. The LiDAR sensor will be able to obtain the ground data even in the area that is covered by vegetations, allowing the survey to be accomplished faster than before.
Terra Drone uses the latest UAV LiDAR technology to provide clients with extremely high quality 3D point clouds at survey grade. 

Drones for Mining Exploration

The miniature version of aeromagnetic sensor that is usually carried out by a helicopter or aircraft is currently available to be carried by small drones, allowing the aeromagnetic survey to be carried out safer & closer to the ground. This allow geologists & geophysicists to obtain better & more accurate magnetic anomalies to support their analysis.


We provide integrated solutions from surveying to data analysis and 3D modeling.

Offering the finest consultancy services for GIS solutions as well as software development solutions to the global geospatial market, Terra Drone combines its strong domain knowledge and cutting-edge technology to provide competitive advantage to its clients.
When it comes to capturing large amounts of detailed mapping data, leveraging drones makes the process exponentially faster and more accurate while giving clients a near-real-time control over data.

Terra LiDAR Series

In-house design and development based on accumulated measurement know-how of approximately 3,000 cases

Terra Lidar X



“APX-UAV” series dedicated to UAVs


Made by RIEGL (5cm accuracy)

Terra Lidar ONE



“APX-15 UAV”


Made by Hesai (10cm accuracy)