Building a new global infrastructure in the sky:
UAS Traffic Management(UTM)for Advanced Air Mobility(AAM)

As a group, we are driven by a shared vision: to ensure the safe and efficient coexistence of aircraft, drones, and eVTOLs. Central to our mission is the recognition of the indispensable role of UTM. Our joint vision is to create infrastructure that facilitates the seamless integration of drones and eVTOLs into daily life. By leveraging our profound expertise and extensive track records in UTM across diverse regions, our alliance represents a unified effort to establish a global standard for UTM in AAM worldwide.

Terra Drone

Terra Drone CEO / Unifly Director

Toru Tokushige

We’ve been committed to the global drone industry for the last 10 years.
From the beginning of the drone industry, Terra Drone believed in the huge potential of UTM.
Establishing new infrastructure in the sky is essential to enable Urban Air Mobility.
We will lead this evolution in the history of aviation through innovation and technology.


CEO Andres Van Swalm

Building on our background as air traffic controllers, we conceived the UTM concept in 2012 and established Unifly in 2015 to realize it.
Since then, our dedication has been to develop and deploy UTM technology globally, fueling the growth of the drone market.
As regulations evolve worldwide, our focus now extends to Advanced Air Mobility (AAM).
We are committed to applying our UTM expertise to ensure the safe and efficient integration of eVTOLs into existing airspace.


CEO Jon Hegranes

Within the U.S. drone market, we’ve contributed to industry growth by providing
FAA LAANC approved UTM and fleet management solutions. Addressing the needs of
both companies and governments using drones in their daily operations,
we have collaborated with regulatory bodies, drone manufacturers and other stakeholders.
UAM industry has massive potential, and we are confident that Aloft can drive
this historical change by leveraging our capabilities of handling the safety of national airspace.

What type of UTM for AAM
are the three companies aiming to develop?

At the forefront of the AAM industry, our three companies each develop unique platforms while sharing a
unified vision. We are dedicated to enhancing our systems with new features centered on automation and
digitization. By integrating our platforms, we will merge the best-in-class features from each, boosting
operational efficiency and integrating sophisticated UTM technology into our operations.
Our objective is to set new standards in UTM and facilitate the seamless integration of eVTOLs and drones
into the national airspace. This collaborative effort promises to deliver the optimal solution for the AAM
industry, significantly expanding its possibilities.